why does my hybrid Lexus worth additional to tax than a petroleum Volkswagen?

why does my hybrid Lexus cost more to tax than a petrol Volkswagen?

In case your automotive has developed a fault, or for consumer advice, flip to Reliable John by emailing honestadvice@telegraph.co.uk

Expensive cull?

My Lexus RX 450h petrol-electric hybrid costs me £465 a 12 months in road tax nonetheless my partner’s Volkswagen Golf, which isn’t electrified in any strategy, is rated at solely £30. This seems manifestly unfair. Why isn’t road tax cheaper on alternative-fuelled vehicles? DD

That’s on account of any new automotive with a list worth of higher than £40,000 (along with optionally obtainable extras) is subject to what’s efficiently a “luxurious tax” surcharge of £325 a 12 months for five years, on excessive of the standard £140, payable from the second time the car is taxed. It does not apply to zero-emissions vehicles, however. The Golf ought to have been registered sooner than April 2017 and emits decrease than 120g/km of CO2, so is rated in any other case.

Borderline case

In 2018, we bought a one-year-old Differ Rover Sport on a three-year finance deal from a storage in Wales. In 2019 the automotive had its second-year service in London, for which we paid £750. This 12 months, on the intermediate three-year service on the marketing vendor in Wales, we had been instructed we owed nothing as a result of the automotive had a service plan that pre-existed our purchase. Can I reclaim the worth of the 2019 service from the London vendor? JM

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